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The Meaning of Green

As much as February might be considered the month of red, March, the month of St. Patrick’s Day and the beginning of spring, could easily be identified as the month of green. This is a great time to think about the many meanings of green and how those meanings relate to the journey of recovering from financial abuse.

Let’s start with the arrival of spring and all the fresh, new, green growth that comes with it. New life.  

If you are in the process of leaving or have just left a financially abusive relationship, then you are in a time of new beginnings.

You are just starting on your recovery. In a sense, you are still green, and we use the word green to describe someone who is new or just beginning something.

What a great place to be. Journeying out of a difficult period into a fresh new start. Embrace this time as the beginning of something new and exciting, even if it can be a little scary at times. It’s a time to enjoy emotional growth as you challenge yourself to move on.

Green also means go.  

If you are hesitating to leave a financially abusive relationship, I say go for it!

There is little chance your partner will stop being abusive. It’s just not likely to happen. Staying safe is your number one priority, and I know that these relationships often include other forms of abuse. So do what you need to do to plan your exit and stay safe. But if you don’t leave, don’t expect the financial abuse to stop.

We frequently hear the phrase “the grass is greener on the other side.” If you are leaving a financially abusive relationship, this is true!  

The grass is greener when you are no longer being abused.
The Meaning of Green
The grass is greener when you are no longer being abused.

It’s a journey and each individual step may not seem better, but where you end up will be.  When we hear this phrase, we often believe it should be true but that it won’t really be true. In this case, I disagree. I believe the grass is greener on the other side of financial abuse.

However, once you leave an abusive person and stand on your own, you may find them “green with envy.”  

Being financially savvy and able to handle your own life successfully probably won’t sit well with the abuser you left.

Don’t let their envy ruin your newfound joy. Envy is an ugly emotion. Steer clear of an ex who is envious as they may try to manipulate you or guilt trip you. If you give in to this person, they will likely take advantage of you financially. They will bring you back into the cycle of financial abuse.  

And finally, green symbolizes money in America.

Money brings us security and freedom. If you recently left a financially abusive relationship, learning to handle your own money successfully will bring you so much confidence. Stepping up and leading your own financial life will be the start to so much more than you had while you were living with abuse.  

Financial freedom is possible. Financial security is attainable.
The Meaning of Green
Financial freedom is possible. Financial security is attainable.

Living your own financial journey, unburdened by someone else’s financial constraints will change your life. It’s a journey for sure. You will have stops and starts, twists and turns, but moving out on your own will bring you so much more than you can ever have living in a financially abusive relationship.  

Money may not make you happy, per se. But once the stress of living with financial abuse (and any other kind you were subjected to) has lifted you will find an amazing amount of happiness. Having the means to support yourself will bring you strength and freedom that you never knew was possible. 

Green is the color of March and spring. Enjoy the fresh start of moving on from a financially abusive relationship. The new growth you find will help you become financially savvy. Just avoid any envious people who might want to waylay your success. Remember the green light and go for it! Now is your chance to focus on writing the best money story you can for yourself.

The Meaning of Green ~

Sherry Lutz Herrington is the owner of Sherrington Financial Fitness, a business consulting and accounting firm specializing in strategic business planning and solid financial accounting for businesses. She is also the author of Strong Women Thriving (, a blog which focuses on empowering women to be financially savvy, particularly after experiencing financial abuse. Sherry is currently writing a new book that both shares her personal story and addresses financial abuse. She can be reached at Join our FB group

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