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Past Interviews

Welcome to our archive of empowering conversations and invaluable insights. Within these pages lie a collection of interviews that shed light on the often unseen but profoundly impactful issue of financial abuse within intimate partnerships.

Interview with MeShawn Dimos 

MeShawn Dimos currently represents Legal Shield and ID Shield as an Independent Representative and shares how these services could be super helpful for any of us, no matter where we are in our journey to recovery. Even though I’m familiar with her services, I learned some new things, so check out the video.

Interview with Kellie Phillips

Kellie Phillips is a Financial Services Professional Agent at New York Life Insurance Company. We covered many topics during the interview, including how she has had her own financial struggles and how she got into the line of work she is in.

Interview with Leah Hadley

I am excited to share this interview with Leah Hadley, AFC, CDFA. Leah has more professional credentials than I can count, owns three businesses, and is a mother to three children. She is brilliant and fascinating, and she has an aspirational story. We discuss work-life balance, the collaborative divorce process, and Hadley’s Watch Her Thrive, a passion project turned successful business centered around helping women. We are so fortunate to have her as a member of this community.

Interview with Katie Villega

Katie has 10+ years of experience in financial advising & community investment. She’s a Chartered SRI Counselor™ who specializes in sustainable investing practices. Katie has a bachelor’s degree from Westmont College, a master’s in international relations from American Graduate School in Paris, and an MBA from Bluffton University. She’s on the Investment Committee of the Mennonite Education Agency and is a board member of Goshen College. She’s originally from Colorado but now lives in North Carolina.

Interview with John Duffy

Enjoy this wonderful, insightful, and educational interview I had with John Duffy, CDFA, the owner of Zen Divorce Solutions. John has been a financial planner and advisor for 14 years. He recently started his own firm, Zen Divorce Solutions, to serve his clients as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional. His mission is to help couples amicably identify, evaluate, and equitably divide their assets fairly and respectfully during divorce.

Interview with Connie Cook

Connie Cook, a member of our group, has survived financial abuse twice and is an impressive businesswoman. She brings 30+ years of experience in the financial industry to Legacy Retirement Advisors, with seven FINRA securities licenses. Connie was Chief Operations Officer for two San Diego-based broker-dealers and holds an Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning. She has three grown children and enjoys hiking, pickleball, and tennis.

Interview with Cassie Rajewich

Cassie teaches women, go-getters, how to make friends with their finances so they can own their worth and live out their bravest stories.  She is the host of the Feisty Faith podcast.  Currently, she resides in The Central Valley of California with her husband, where they are raising their four girls and leaning into their own brave story. When she’s not chasing her three wild and free littles, she can be found in the kitchen conjuring up sweet, yummy goodness or dreaming up her next adventure and helping others navigate theirs. 

Interview with Allison Dagney

Allison K. Dagney is an Emotional Abuse Recovery Coach, author of the memoir When Tears Leave Scars and survivor of 20 years of covert narcissistic abuse. Also, a mother of three. Her goal is to expand awareness of this rampant type of abuse and help others to be emotionally empowered and find inner peace along their healing journeys. Ultimately, Allison wishes to help victims gain the needed strength to escape and survivors the tools to heal, all while helping outsiders gain a better understanding of hidden abuse.